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A2A’s focus toward technology is to provide business and service enabling solutions to enhance ease of information flow and data archiving to support ongoing operations. Traditionally speaking, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) [software] is developed from a set of instructions or business case. This information is adopted in most companies that provide solution as a set of project requirements upon which work is performed. A2A has found this approach insufficient for meeting the critical to quality measures of the voice of the customer thus our developers approach IT solutions with your business operations needs first and foremost in our thoughts. Whether manipulating data to produce documentation as a part of a service or facilitating basic business requirements, A2A’s developers will assist you in establishing an IT solution that is 1) Easy to use, 2) Easy to maintain and 3) Easy to Audit.

To ensure synergy our personnel conduct a detailed analysis and assessment of requirements so, technological solutions are modeled for the customer in keeping with the original business case needs. After selecting and refining the business case, A2A software engineers conduct a side by side evaluation of the software with the operators to verify requirements assist personnel directly in targeted changes for implementation and enhanced performance of the software.
A2A continues to develop and expand its diversified portfolio of product and service offerings in the technology space.
Our direct and indirect channel partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 resellers, provides market leading replenishment and post-sales support to our existing and growing customer base.
We leverage our strategic partnerships to help configure, install, and finance purchases across a wide range of hardware devices and software applications.

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