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Through the establishment of A2A we have built a network of professionals whose backgrounds span all levels of their given career experiences:

Logistics Support and Services – Globally

A2A has a business development and leadership staff of experienced logistics professionals who have developed superior solutions with regard to Logistics Support Services CONUS or OCONUS wherein it pertains to:
A2A has identified the need in the global market for the development of quality logistics solutions through strategic planning, implementation and control of the efficient surge of material and resources along with warehousing, inventory management, property book management, implementation and development of automated logistics systems.
A2A Logisticians undergo specialized advanced training which enables them to proficiently operate with the same skill sets and knowledge of commercial industrial logisticians as well as US Government automated Logisticians and US Government Supply Specialists. The result is high caliber logistics professional with diverse expertise. The benefit of which allows A2A to operate within “lean” methodologies efficiently without a loss in service quality.
Cross-fertilization of skill sets and various capacities enhances individual efficiency in various areas of logistics but specifically in the performance of inter-related tasks such as:
Traditional companies tend to offer these services employing several individuals with singular skills sets drawing from the pool of skills displayed (as seen in figure 1) here increasing the number of personnel required to complete several inter-related logistical actions.
The operational approach of A2A hinges upon the principle of total quality management (TQM) and enables real time demand analysis which provides accurate and proper forecasts of critical inventory usage. Other continuous process improvement methods such as Just-In-Time (JIT) sequencing are also employed to prevent overstocking and synchronize a positive flow of required components while reducing storage space which in of itself is waste if not managed accurately.
A2A’s new equipment fielding programs in support of the Department of Defense are dedicated to preserving soldiers’ lives by fielding technology and recently developed or engineer-enhanced equipment within hours of arriving in theatre. Through collaborative efforts with numerous government agencies utilizing prioritized distribution plans and strategic battle field coordination A2A has a proven track record of being able to deliver life-saving equipment directly to the warfighter all over the world under the most geographically and physically austere conditions imaginable.

General Logistics Support in Maintenance

Through all phases of a project’s lifecycle and regarding all sustainment operations from man-camp support to vehicle maintenance A2A possesses the capability to plan and execute services under all conditions. Logisticians and Field Service Representatives (FSRs) from various maintenance expertise areas provide professional maintenance and sustainment support worldwide. In support of the US Government our Logisticians and FSRs are trained and proficient in branch specific maintenance programs, documentation, systems and protocols. Whether vehicular, aircraft, or sea vessel A2A Logisticians a d FSRs will ensure our clients our able to maximize its full expected lifecycle which is ultimately a cost benefit for all organizations. Our Journeyman to Senior FSRs are subject matter experts (SMEs) for his/her assigned product or platform and will provide expert maintenance support that includes:

Living Support Area (LSA) sustainment

During contingency operations, the established mission support areas are essential to the success of short term or enduring operations. Maintenance and upkeep of facilities is a mission enabler for the warfighter allowing leadership to focus upon those critical issues directly related to keeping their organizations safe, rested, healthy and ready for the mission. Maintenance of power generation, ablution facilities and other government owned equipment has proven to expand the meant time to failure and mean time to expected breakdown of equipment. Our experienced Logisticians and FSRs will establish routine schedules compatible with peak hours of operation to care for much needed equipment and ensure they are always available to support.

Research Analysis and Management

Quantitative and qualitative data consideration is essential for effective research and analysis. The professionals at A2A leverage from the background of its professionals and their networks to plan diverse collection activities focused on supporting the operation at hand in the manner that best suit its client and their stakeholders. The “devil in the details” can often mean project success or failure. Through our processes we are able to quickly mitigate the influence of troublesome data providing much needed answers and proposing a solution to what may be or what may come.

Testing and Evaluation

A2A instructors understand that testing in any context should be designed to work for positive wash-back, i.e., an experience that not only ensures students hone their proficiency, but also allows them to participate within an interaction that is fundamentally motivating to aspire to achieve the next level continuing their professional proficiency working in favor of the employer and employee. Analysis of testing results are conducted systematically as to ensure appropriate metrics are established to set benchmarks for future instruction and milestones for achievements while facilitating a course.

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