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A2A’s approach in NET/Material fielding in support of a lifecycle acquisition is a dynamic, comprehensive analytical cycle of programmatic feedback and functional synergy with ground truth operations focused upon the success of the warfighter.

The success of any fielding can be directly attributable to the knowledge about and subsequent acceptance of the product by its end users. As such, we ensure operators are comprehensively trained in all aspects of usage/deployment, maintenance and sustainment of the equipment during the fielding process. This process includes ongoing collaboration with designated training schools, depots, ILS and design support engineers to develop training, maintenance and support packages accordingly and develop material fielding plans. 3

In keeping with the concepts of Lifecycle Logistics our training packages include providing tailored feedback tools in the form of condensed user-friendly operational assessments (OAs), checklists, and operator reference cards drawn from Technical Manuals and publications providing the end user with the capability to provide pertinent real-time feedback to customer program offices with which customers can conduct regular product-focused liaison for the purposes of product lifecycle sustainment, maintenance and planning. These training and feedback tools and products facilitate the collection, analysis and dialogue about lifecycle pertinent metrics posited with the overall Performance-based Logistics support strategy.

During material fielding A2A is at the forefront of refining operator training requirements, the maintenance, fielding and sustainment of conventional munitions and weapons systems and can ensure the feedback produced from the implementation of these actions reported to the customer is comprehensive, reaching an unprecedented level of information granularity. Instructors/trainers draw from this guidance to develop detailed Plans of Instruction (POIs) that meet the training requirements as dictated.

A2A trainers work closely with the students and customer, the students and the training community to identify and improve upon training requirements and develop training solutions that are imbued with the “ground truths” of the operating environment.

In summary our process for any training is dynamic, it will instill the ability to operate under conditions of increased uncertainty and complexity, produce highly technical capable personnel who demonstrate operational adaptability and enhance competence through communicative learner centric environments.

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