Orthopedic Products

NameProduct Code
“S” Retractor3720-00
“S” Retractor-Tapered3720-01
“V” SplitterS7535
“Z” Retractor4420-00
1.5 mm Hex Driver (A/O)S0117
1.5 mm Screw Extractor (A/O)S0128
1″ Chandler Retractor3220-04
1/4″ Osteotome5348-01
10″ Post only4150-10
10″ Post with pad assembly4150-10B
10″ Post with pad assembly and slider4050-10C
10″ Post with pad assembly with slider4150-10C
10″ Post with pad, slider & table attachment4150-10D
100 mm Extension Pins (Pkg of 10)1250
14″ Custom Post / Post only4150-14
2 Safety Clamps and 2 Table Clamps4090-CLAMPS
2.2 mm Trephine (A/O)S0121
2.5 mm Cannulated Hex DriverS0136
2.5 mm Hex Driver (A/O)S0114
2.5 mm Screw Extractor (A/O)S0116
2.5mm Ball Driver for Compressor/Distractor1825-BD
2″ Extension (2″Spacer & 4″Knob)4150-EXT
23″ Short Strap For 2760-XS (PKG OF TEN)8120-SP
3.2 mm Trephine (A/O)S0122
3.5 mm Cannulated Hex DriverS0137
3.5 mm Hex Driver (A/O)S0115
3.5 mm Screw Extractor (A/O)S0130
4 Star Bits and Case5194-01
4.0 mm Cannulated Hex DriverS0138
4.0 mm Hex Driver (A/O)S0132
4.2 mm Trephine (A/O)S0123
4.4mm DrillS7540
4.4mm Drill GuideS7545
4.7 mm Trephine (A/O)S0124
4″ Extension Custom (4″ spacer & 6″ knob)4150-EXT4
4″ Extension Knob (used w/ 2″ spacer)4150-EK
4″ spacer, 2″ spacer, and 9″ Knob Set4150-EXT6
5.0 Cannulated Hex DriverS0139
5.0 mm Hex Driver (A/O)S0133
6.4mm DrillS7550
6.4mm Drill GuideS7555
6″ Extension knob (used w/ 4″ spacer)4150-EK4
6″ Post only4150-06
6″ Post with pad and slider4150-06C
6″ Post with pad assembly4150-06B
6″ Post with pad assembly and slider4050-06C
6″ Post with pad, slider & table attachment4150-06D
6″, 10″ Posts, Sliders, 2″, 4″ Spacers4050-CS
7.2 mm Trephine (A/O)S0125
7″ Sure Grip Soft Tissue Grasper with lock3646-02
70mm Tubular Pins (Pkg of 10)1230
7mm T-Handle Conical TapS7575
9″ Grasping Rongeur with Lock1791-02
9″ Knob for use with 2″ and 4″ spacer4150-EK6
90 Degree Soft Tissue Retractor7150
9mm Square Stainless Steel Bit5370-04
9mm T-Handle Conical TapS7580
AccuAngle Indicator w/ magnet1325
Acetabular ChiselS7515
Acetabular Cup Extractor3638-01
Acetabular Exposure Pin – Long1200-04
Acetabular Liner Dislocation Curved Lever4085-02
Acetabular Liner Removal Osteotome4085-00
Acetabular Liner Removal Osteotome – Double Blade4085-01
Acetabular Liner Removal Osteotome – Single Blade4085-03
Acromioplasty RetractorS3008
Adapter Foot for Nicholson Shoulder Extr.3670-10
Adjustable Hip Rest4030
Adjustable Wrench5015
Adson Forcep w/Cobb Elevator End1166
Adult Adaptor2445-06
Agrawal Talon Retractor4695
Albrecht Double Bent Extended Deep Tissue Retractor1859
Amstutz Acetabular Retractor6410
Amstutz Acetabular Set With Exposure Pins1200-00
Amstutz Acettabular Set With Pin Stop1200-0A
Amstutz Angled Mirror – Right4861
Amstutz Cement Packer & Trimmer4995
Amstutz Femoral Head-Neck Elevator – Narrow Blade3410-01
Amstutz Femoral Neck Elevator – Wide Blade3410
Amstutz Handle1200-01
Amstutz Pin1200-02
Amstutz Pin with Stop1200-03
Anderson Retractor-Blade-Large-3-prong7240-03
Anderson Talar Neck Osteotome5075
Anderson Talar Neck Osteotome – .5005075-50
Anderson Talar Neck Osteotome – .755075-75
Andrews Modified Wedge Clamp3642
Angled Handle Block Probe – 10mm4560
Angled Handle Block Probe – 15mm4565
Angled Handle Block Probe – 20mm4570
Angled Handle Block Probe – 25mm4575
Angled Handle Block Probe – 5mm4555
Angled Lowman-Type Bone Clamp1770
Angled Ortho Scissors3082
Anterior Femoral Condylar Retractor3405
Anterior Femoral Hip Component Extractor w/ Slaphammer3610-R
Anterior Femoral Hip Component Extractor w/o Slaphammer3610-R-01
Anterior Glenoid Neck RetractorT1003
Anterior Total Hip Awl8028
Anterior Watson Jones 90 Degree Cobra Retractor6305
Anterior Watson Jones AWL – Left6301-L
Anterior Watson Jones AWL – Right6301-R
Anterior Watson Jones Deep Hohmann6306
Anterior Watson Jones Femoral Starter Drill Bit6308
Anterior Watson Jones Lighted Muller Retractor6302-01
Anterior Watson Jones Narrow Lighted Retractor6304-01
Anterior Watson Jones Straight Hohmann6307
Anterior Watson Jones THA System6300-00
Anterior Watson Jones Wide Lighted Retractor6303-01
AORI Patellar Retractor4690
APC Anterior Hip Retractor-Single Prong6420
APC Proximal Femoral Elevator3421-00
APC Proximal Femoral Elevator-Small3421-01
Argintaw Claw Drill Guide w/3/32mm x 6″ Pin w/Suture Hole8315-00
Argintaw Claw Drill Guide/Wire Passer Only8315-01
Argintaw Pin Clamp (Pkg of 1)1227
Arthroscopy Meniscus Repair Rasp Set w/Case2324-00
Askins Modified Cobra Retractor with Suction Tube3408
Assist Free Calibrated Fem Tib Spreader with Round Disks -Med1866
Assist Free Shoulder Retractor 2″1590-02
Assistant Free 2-inch blade7450-02
Assistant Free 2-inch blade with Long Handle7451-02
Assistant Free 2-inch blade with T Handle7450-02T
Assistant Free 3-inch blade7450-03
Assistant Free 3-inch blade with Long Handle7451-03
Assistant Free 3-inch blade with T Handle7450-03T
Assistant Free 3-prong rake blade7450-10A
Assistant Free 4-inch blade7450-04
Assistant Free 4-inch blade with Long Handle7451-04
Assistant Free 4-inch blade with T Handle7450-04T
Assistant Free 5-inch blade7450-05
Assistant Free 5-inch blade with Long Handle7451-05
Assistant Free 5-inch blade with T Handle7450-05T
Assistant Free 5-prong rake blade7450-10B
Assistant Free 6-inch blade7450-06
Assistant Free 6-inch blade with Long Handle7451-06
Assistant Free 6-inch blade with T Handle7450-06T
Assistant Free Bennett blade-standard7450-07A
Assistant Free Blade for Charnley Frame – 2″7455-02
Assistant Free Blade for Charnley Frame – 4″7455-04
Assistant Free Blade for Charnley Frame – 6″7455-06
Assistant Free Calibrated Bone Spreader1850
Assistant Free Calibrated Bone Spreader-Large1860
Assistant Free Calibrated Bone Spreader-Medium1855
Assistant Free Calibrated Fem Tib Spreader with Round Disks1865
Assistant Free Charnley 2″Blade (Round)7445-02
Assistant Free Charnley 3″ Blade7455-03
Assistant Free Charnley 3″ Blade – Round7445-03
Assistant Free Charnley 4″ Blade – Round7445-04
Assistant Free Coated Femoral Tibial Spreader1850-01
Assistant Free Extra Wide Blade-Long7460-03
Assistant Free Extra Wide Blade-Medium7460-02
Assistant Free Extra Wide Blade-Short7460-01
Assistant Free Frame Single Stud Standard w/2 #74477446-01
Assistant Free Hip Frame-medium7450-01B
Assistant Free Hip Frame-square7450-01D
Assistant Free Hip Frame-std7450-01A
Assistant Free Hohmann blade-deep7450-08B
Assistant Free Hohmann blade-standard7450-08A
Assistant Free Long Collateral Retractor6630
Assistant Free MIS Wide PCL w/ strap3515
Assistant Free Shoulder Blade – 3″1590-03
Assistant Free Single Prong Collateral Ligament Retractor6650
Assistant Free Soft Tissue blade-deep7450-09B
Assistant Free Soft Tissue blade-standard7450-09A
Assistant Free Wide PCL Retractor3525
ATLATL Super Slap Hammer – Large3924-L
ATLATL Super Slap Hammer – Short3924-S
ATLATL Super Slap Hammer Removable Silicone Hand Grip3924-RH
Axillary Nerve Protector8029
Bacastow Tibial Plateau Finisher Elevator5298
Bacastow Tibial Plateau Starter Elevator5297
Baldwin Lateral Soft Tissue – Blunt Tip6313
Baldwin TKA Fat Pad Retractor6312
Balfour Single Tooth Locking Forceps2016
Ball Spike With Bell Handle -12″8032
Bar and Slide For Sliding Bolster – 7″2730-09
Bargo Bone Holding Clamp-Large1895-02
Bargo Bone Holding Clamp-Small1895-01
Bargo Femoral Lift3649
Bart Hip Retractor Left6207-L
Bart Hip Retractor Right6207-R
Beard Bicep Retractor5837-01
Beard Distal Bicep Retractor Set5834-00
Beard Distal Bicep Tendon Reinsertion Blade5834-01
Beard Self Retaining Retractor5834-02
Bent Hohmann OrthoCarbon Retractor-Narrow7110-R
Bent Hohmann Retractor – Wide Long Handle6590-01
Bent Hohmann Retractor Narrow Long (3″ handle ext.)7110-01
Bent Hohmann Retractor w/Extra Grip Tip7111
Bent Hohmann Retractor Xlong, short tip7115-01
Bent Hohmann Retractor-Narrow7110
Bent Hohmann Retractor-Wide6590
Bent Jaw Long Nose Orthovise w/ SH3966
Bent Jaw Long Nose Orthovise w/o SH3966-01
Beyer Wedge – 12mm1204-12
Beyer Wedge – 16mm1204-16
Beyer Wedge – 8mm1204-08
Bhargava Modified Meniscus Clamp1886
Bicep Elevator1975
Bicos Meniscal Repair Retractor2731
Black Straps – Package of 102590-S
Blunt Right Angle Posterior Capsule Retractor7120
Bone Graft Impactor-rectangular5330
Bone Graft Impactor-round5310
Bone Graft Impactor-square5320
Bone Graft Impactor-square-delrin tip5325
Bone Holding Fracture Reduction Double Curved Clamp – Left1756-L
Bone Holding Fracture Reduction Double Curved Clamp – Right1756-R
Bone Mill 16 1/2″ Body Only w/Handle, Push Block & Lock Nut8205-03
Bone Mill Handle8205-04
Bone Mill Knurled Fastering Screw for Handle8205-04S
Bone Mill Pusher8205-05
Bone Mill Set8205
Bone Mill Table Clamp8205-TC
Bone Vise Small Version8215
Bonny Tissue Forceps 10″ w/Teeth5040
Bowen Arthroscopic Shoulder Rasp2310
Boynton Punch-Offset5120-02
Boynton Punch-Standard5120-01
Bozeman Anterior THA Femoral Elevator – Medium6146
Bozeman Cement Trimmer5245
Bozeman Direct Anterior THA Fem’l Elevator6145
Bozeman Direct Anterior THA Fem’l Elevator-Small6144
Bradley Perioseal Elevator4720
Bradley Perioseal Elevator – Coated/Small4719
Brown Deltoid OrthoCarbon Retractor-Large1670-02R
Brown Deltoid OrthoCarbon Retractor-Small1670-01R
Brown/Gorski 8mm Tibial Tray Hook w/o Slaphammer3655-01
Brown/Gorski 8mm Tibial Tray Hook w/Slaphammer3655
Browne Deltoid Retractor-Large1670-02
Browne Deltoid Retractor-Small1670-01
Browner MIS Bone Hook Clamp1379
Browner Wire Tightner8251
Budny Drill Wire Guide1188
Burgess Carpal Tunnel Retractor1887
Burkhead Glenoid Retractor, Large Solid5839
Burkhead Retractor Solid – Small5839-SM
Burkhead Reversible TSA/RSA Retractor5839-01
Bush Small Bone Reduction Forceps – Double1888
Bush Small Bone Reduction Forceps – Single1889
Byrd Arthroscopic Hip Elevator – Straight Tip2045
Byrd Elev/Long Angled/Joseph Straight Edge2046
Byrd Hip Arthroscopic Curette -Ex-Long 13 5/82043
Calaneal Lateral Column Spreader1725
Calcaneal Compressor Distractor – Extra Small Straight w/Speed Lock4216-XS
Calcaneal Compressor Extra Small Straight4210-XSC
Calcaneal Compressor Small Straight4210-SC
Calcaneal Distractor Extra Small Straight4210-XSD
Calcaneal Distractor Large Bent4210-LB
Calcaneal Distractor Large Straight4210-LS
Calcaneal Distractor Small Bent4210-SB
Calcaneal Distractor Small Straight4210-SS
Calcaneal Distractor w/Thumbscrew & Speed Lock Handle4217-SS
Calcaneal Spreader1880
Calcaneal Spreader with Grooves1881
Calibrated Fem Tibial Spreader with Diamond Pads1850-D
Calibrated Fem Tibial Spreader with Diamond Pads-Medium1855-D
Calvo Malleolus Reduction Forceps- Left1801-L
Calvo Malleolus Reduction Forceps- Right1801-R
Cannestra Hip length Gauge Pin – 1301327-04
Cannestra Hip Length Gauge Pin-1001327-01
Cannestra Hip Length Gauge Ruler1327-03
Cannestra Hip Length Gauge Set1327-00
Cannestra Hip Length Gauge T-Handle1327-02
Cannestra Sub-Trochanter Fracture Reduction Clamp3860-L
Cannulated A/O DriverS0140
Cannulated Fracture Awl8091
Capsule Retractor 10″ 3 prongT1008-01
Capsule Retractors (1 prong)T1009
Capsule Retractors (2 prong)T1008
Cartilage Grasper w/ Angled Teeth1785
Cartilage Grasper w/ Shark Teeth 11″ Length1779
Case for Screw Removal System9017
Cement Osteotome5220
Cement Removal Osteotome, LongS7597
Cement Removal Osteotome, ShortS7595
Cement Remover5230
Cement Splitting OsteotomeS7590
Chandler OrthoCarbon Retractor- Medium 3/4″3220-02R
Chandler Retractor – Medium 3/4″3220-02
Chandler Retractor – Small 5/8″3220-01
Chandler Type Blades1570-03
Chang Reduction Clamp-small-1.8mm cannula1760-01
Charnley Small Frame No Blades7445-01B-01
Charnley Small Frame w/7445-02, 7450-02, 7455-027445-01B
Charnley Type Tissue Needle Forceps1165
Charnley-Type Frame only7445-01
Charnley-Type Frame w/7450-02, 7445-02, 7455-027445
Chen Diaphyseal Fracture Reduction Clamp1808
Cheng Screw Removal & Bone Trephine Set W/Case1426-00
Cheng Trephine -Medium 6.5mm1426-02
Cheng Trephine Large 8MM1426-03
Cheng Trephine Small 5mm1426-01
Cheng Trephine System – .187 dia Dialator Shaft1425-04
Cheng Trephine System – .250 dia Dialator Shaft1425-05
Cheng Trephine System – .312 dia Dialator Shaft1425-06
Cheng Trephine System – .375 dia Dialator Shaft1425-07
Cheng Trephine System – 3 Hole Dialator with Handle1425-15
Cheng Trephine System – Large Drive End1425-13
Cheng Trephine System – Large Trephine1425-10
Cheng Trephine System – Lg Tissue Protector w/ Handle1425-03
Cheng Trephine System – Med Tissue Protector w/ Handle1425-02
Cheng Trephine System – Medium Drive End1425-12
Cheng Trephine System – Medium Trephine1425-09
Cheng Trephine System – Retraction Handle1425-14
Cheng Trephine System – Small Drive End1425-11
Cheng Trephine System – Small Trephine1425-08
Cheng Trephine System Case1425-CASE
Cheng Trephine System w/ Tray1425-00
Cheng Trephine System- Small Tissue Protector w/ Handle1425-01
Cherf Cast Stand2040
Cherf Leg Holder2270
Chuck Key Handle5560
Chung Long Prong Weitlaner5065
Chung T-Handle Rake Retractor – Sharp1159
Chung T-Handle Senn Blade1162
Chung T-Handle Senn Rake, Blunt1161
Chung Weitlaner 3 x 4 Prong Blunt Tips 25mm5065-01
Chung Weitlaner 3 x 4 Prong Blunt Tips 30mm5067-01
Chung Weitlaner 3 x 4 Prong Sharp Tips 25mm5066-01
Chung Weitlaner 3 x 4 Prong Sharp Tips 30mm5068-01
Chung Weitlaner Blunt Tips 30 mm5067
Chung Weitlaner Sharp Tips 25 mm5066
Chung Weitlaner Sharp Tips 30 mm5068
Coated Allis Bone Plate Clamp1381
Coated Femoral Neck Elevator3419
Cobb Elevator – 1″3438
Cobb Elevator – 1/2″3436
Cobb Elevator 1″ w/Teeth3434
Cobb Elevator 1/2″ w/Teeth3432
Cobra Retractor6130
Cobra Retractor – Medium6132
Cobra Retractor Standard – Long6133
Cobra Retractor Standard – Long w/Cross Hatched Tips6134
Cobra Retractor with Hand Rest7130
Cobra Retractor with Sharp Tip6129
Cobra Retractor-Carbon Fiber6130-R
Cobra Retractor-Narrow6120
Component Extraction Hook3620-03
Component Extraction Pin Remover3620-05
Concave Retractor6720
Concave Retractor Narrow6720-01
Condylar Gauge1194
Cone Ring Curette 35 Deg Angle # 8mm5158
Cone Ring Curette 35 Deg Angle #1 3mm5156
Cone Ring Curette 35 Deg Angle #2 6mm5157
Cone Ring Curette Straight #1 3mm5150
Cone Ring Curette Straight #2 6mm5152
Cone Ring Curette Straight #3 8mm5154
Craig-Type Modular Pin Extractor Set w/ slaphammer1215-00
Crescent Delrin Bit 12mm x 5mm5370-D3
Crochet Hook Suture PasserT1013
Cross BarS7570
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 42MM5201-42
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 44MM5201-44
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 46MM5201-46
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 48MM5201-48
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 50MM5201-50
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 52MM5201-52
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 54MM5201-54
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 56MM5201-56
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 58MM5201-58
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 60MM5201-60
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 62MM5201-62
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 64MM5201-64
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 66MM5201-66
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 68MM5201-68
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 70MM5201-70
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 72MM5201-72
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 74MM5201-74
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 76MM5201-76
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 78MM5201-78
Cup Removal Finish Instrument – 80MM5201-80
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 42MM5200-42
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 44MM5200-44
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 46MM5200-46
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 48MM5200-48
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 50MM5200-50
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 52MM5200-52
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 54MM5200-54
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 56MM5200-56
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 58MM5200-58
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 60MM5200-60
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 62MM5200-62
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 64MM5200-64
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 66MM5200-66
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 68MM5200-68
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 70MM5200-70
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 72MM5200-72
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 74MM5200-74
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 76MM5200-76
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 78MM5200-78
Cup Removal Starter Instrument – 80MM5200-80
Curette Suction Device4231
Currette Sterilization Case9004
Curved Bone Graft Impactor5305
Curved Cement Removal HookS7565
Curved Chisel Osteotome5340
Curved Cobra Retractor – Left6110-02
Curved Cobra Retractor – Right6110-01
Curved Hohmann Retractor-Narrow-Long Blade6205
Curved Hohmann Retractor-Wide6215
Custom 8″ Post4150-08
Cylinder for Table Attachment2620-Cylinder
Das-Seng Anterior/Posterior Total Hip System6226-00
Das-Seng Elevator #66227
Das-Seng Elevator #76225
Das-Seng Fem Elevator Hook #56226-EH
Das-Seng Fem Neck & Post Acet. Elevator #16221
Das-Seng Fem Neck & Post Acet. Elevator #26222
Das-Seng Fem Neck & Post Acet. Elevator #36223
Das-Seng Fem Neck & Post Acet. Elevator #46224
Das-Seng Round Elevator Hook#5A6226-RH
Das-Seng Table Assembly System6226-TA
Debris Push Rod/Cleaning Probe3408-01
Debris Shield w/o Reamer Slot w/o Case8031-01
Debris Shield w/Reamer Slot w/o Case8033-01
Deep Cobra Retractor6135
Delrin Block3920-05
Delrin Block and Thumbwheel3920-04
Delrin Cement Scraper5218
Delrin Hip Cup Removal Head Set – 225202-00
Deltoid RetractorT1001
Dennis Offset Osteotome Wide4935-W
Depth Gauge8015
Desai Clearview Open Blade Self Retaining Retractor1858
Desai Surgical Funnel8989
Disposable Sterile Kit8
Disposable Sterile Kit – Case of 100008-CASE
Distal Femur Distractor-down angled4220-00
Distal Femur Distractor-up angled4220-01
Distal Humerus Fracture Board – Pediatric2445
Distal Humerus Fracture Board- Adult with Adult Adaptor2445-01
Distractor for Hip Arthroscopy8990
Distractor Groin Pad Cross Bar8990-GPR
Distractor Upright Bars8990-UB
DMP Coring Instrument8250-01
DMP Coring Instrument & Head Holder8250
DMP Coring Reamer Replacement Blade8250-02
DMP Head Holder8260
DMP Wire Tightener with T Handle8729
DMP Wire Twister8630
Dodson Distal Radius Retractor Assembly1838-00
Dodson Mini Hohmann Retractor1838-02
Dodson Modified Retractor Blade – Radiolucent1838-02R
Dodson Self Retaining Retractor1838-01
Dorr Anterior Acetabular RetractorD6114
Dorr Anterior/Inferior Acetabular RetractorD6106
Dorr Curved Wide Hohmann Retractor- 25mmD6107
Dorr Femoral Neck Retractor – WideD6111
Dorr Femoral Neck Retractor- NarrowD6113
Dorr Gluteus Retractor- LeftD6109-L
Dorr Gluteus Retractor- RightD6109-R
Dorr Hohmann Retracto- 20mm x 154mmD6112
Dorr Long Hohmann Retractor – 20mm x 120mmD6110
Dorr Long Narrow Hohmann Retractor- 120mmD6108
Dorr Long Narrow Hohmann Retractor- 150mmD6105
Dorr Post Capsule/Sciatica Nerve Protector Deep – LeftD6115-L
Dorr Post Capsule/Sciatica Nerve Protector Deep – RightD6115-R
Dorr Retractor SetD6100-00
Double Bent Hohmann Acetabular Retractor w/Extra Grip Tip6211
Double Bent Hohmann Lighted Retractor – Long 3″6210-02L
Double Bent Hohmann Retractor6210
Double Bent Hohmann Retractor-Long6210-02
Double Locking Assistant Free Frame7430
Double Prong Broad Acetabular Retractor6160
Double Prong Double Bent Hohmann Retractor6220
Double Prong Soft Tissue Retractor3233
Dozier Radiolucent Retractor6870
Dozier Radiolucent Retractor Blade6870-B
Dozier Radiolucent Retractor Handle6870-H
Duncan Metatarsal Clamp1638
Durham Fibula Clamp3652
Durham Leg Holder w/out Table Attachment4105-01
Durham Offset Zelpi Retractor – Left1573-L
Durham Offset Zelpi Retractor – Right1573-R
Durkan Bone Clamp- 1×1 Single Tooth1868
Durken Ratchet Bone Clamp1867
Eickmann Knee Revision Chisel – 11mm5470-11
Eickmann Knee Revision Chisel Case5470-Case
Eickmann Knee Revision Chisel Set5470-00
Eickmann Notched Osteotome – 6mm5474-06
Eickmann Ortho Suction Tube5465
Eickmann Revision Chisel – 20mm5470-20
Eickmann Revision Chisel – 8mm5470-08
Eickmann Revision Osteotome – 8mm5475-08
Elbow Extractor Case9012
Elbow Extractor-Slaphammer3620-06
Engh 45 degree Osteotome4930-01
Engh 45 degree Osteotome-Offset4930-02
Engh Cement Scraper-Left4920-02
Engh Cement Scraper-Right4920-01
Engh Intercondylar Notch Retractor-large3230-03
Engh Intercondylar Notch Retractor-medium3230-02
Engh Intercondylar Notch Retractor-small3230-01
Engh Rake Retractor4910
Engh Unicondylar Min. Inc. Knee Set4900
Evans Carpal Tunnel Knife Guide1128